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LavitFlow is online tool for creating beautiful user flow prototypes for product and web development. No Photoshop or Figma skills needed!

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About The Project

The Wireflow Toolkit Each Product Manager Dreams Of

Imagine harnessing the wireframing precision of Mydraft.cc and the user flow clarity of Wireflow.co, all in one platform. That’s Lavitflow for you. It’s not just another tool; it’s an innovative fusion that lets you delve deep into each screen’s design while keeping an eye on the bigger picture of the user journey. Think of Lavitflow as your one-stop solution, marrying detailed design with strategic visualization. The result? A tool that’s set to redefine the standards in web and product design. Interested in elevating your design game? Let’s explore Lavitflow together and see how it can transform your projects.

Our Features

LavitFlow - Wireflow Toolkit Dependable Software That Helps You Get More Done With Less Stress

Empower Your Design: Lavitflow’s Cutting-Edge Features Unveiled

Intuitive User Flow Creation

Over 100 custom-built graphics/cards, simplifying the design process with a diverse range of web elements and interactions

Dynamic Wireframing

Elevate your user flows by diving into each step, transforming them into comprehensive wireframes for a full-spectrum design experience.

No Expertise Required

Dive in without prior experience; no need for complex software knowledge, making it ideal for beginners and experts alike.

Flexible Design Potential

With cards that expand into wireframes, it's more than just a flow tool; it's a full design suite that evolves with your project's needs.

Web-Based & Hassle-Free

No downloads, no installations, just immediate access to a powerful design platform from any browser


Designed for efficiency and ease, ensuring a seamless experience even for those new to the world of design.

How it works

Take Control of Your Product Development Processes With LavitFlow

Blend high-level user journeys with in-depth design: Experience LavitFlow’s seamless approach to product development.


Login or Sign Up

Access LavitFlow’s platform to start your design journey.



Map out the overarching user journey, pinpointing primary touchpoints and interactions.


Design & Collaborate

Dive into dynamic wireframing for each step and collaborate with team members in real-time for feedback and refinement.


Final Result

Review the entire flow, set permissions, and ensure a seamless design, ready for stakeholder presentation or development hand-off.


Reviews From Our Community

Voices from the Community: See How LavitFlow is Elevating Design Workflows Worldwide.

LavitFlow has been a game-changer for our design team. The fusion of wireframing and user flow tools has streamlined our processes dramatically. Highly recommend!
Clara Jhon
With LavitFlow, collaboration has never been smoother. Top-tier tool!
Winston Will
The real-time collaboration? Absolute game-changer.
Wanda Frans
LavitFlow's unique blend of user journeys and wireframing makes it a standout in the design tool market. Efficient and innovative.
Potts Lucas
Switching to LavitFlow was a breakthrough. An all-in-one design platform that genuinely understands user needs and streamlines workflows.
Lisa Pepper
From concept to design, LavitFlow delivers.
Jimmy Young
LavitFlow is my go-to. Simple, yet incredibly effective.
Natalie Yon
The intuitive interface of LavitFlow, coupled with its rich feature set, has made product development a breeze. A must-have!
Keith Ruper

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