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Your experience matters to us. As we continue to develop and refine LavitFlow, we want to ensure it serves your needs to the fullest. If you have a feature or enhancement in mind that would make your experience even better, we’d love to hear about it.

How to Request a Feature:

  1. Describe the Feature:
    Paint us a picture of your idea. The clearer you are, the better we can understand your vision.

  2. Why is this Feature Important to You?:
    Share the challenges or issues it addresses or how it would improve your workflow.

  3. Any Similar Feature You’ve Seen Elsewhere?:
    If you’ve seen a similar feature in another tool or app, let us know. It can help us visualize your request.

  4. How Would This Feature Change Your Experience?:
    Give us an idea of how this addition would enhance your user experience.